Research has shown that only
Research has shown that only

Research has shown that only

Research has shown that only 10% to 25% of the nutrients inside normal vitamins (the ones you are probably taking) are getting absorbed into your body.

And after you have had any kind of bariatric surgery – it gets much worse!

Simply put– over the counter multivitamins are almost impossible for your new and improved stomach to break down. They simply “pass through” your stomach and into your intestines where they provide no benefit.

Introducing Bari Liquid Force

Bariatric Liquid Force delivers vital nutrients to your body in a liquid capsule.

Within 3 minutes of ingestion 98% of the recommended vitamins, antioxidants, and proprietary blend of 29 Essential Nutrients AND 42 Super Fruits and vegetables get absorbed into your body!

You will be amazed how great you can feel when you give your body the fuel it needs.

No More Handfuls of Smelly Tablets to Choke Down

No one likes to take multivitamins because of the smell, size and number of tablets you are supposed to take. With Bariatric Liquid Force, just 2 small liquid filled capsules are all you need per day.